• New Ruralism in WNC

    “New Ruralism is a framework for creating a bridge between Sustainable Agriculture and New Urbanism. Sustainable agriculture can help bring cities down to earth, to a deeper commitment to the ecology and economy of the surrounding countryside on which they depend.” – Sibella Kraus

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Learn about the Coggins Conservation Project and its mission that was inspired by preserving the historic Coggins Farm™

The Proposal

Enabling fertile land to continue supporting agricultural production, natural habitats, heritage, and the rural character of this region as population increases.

How to Get Involved

Find out how you can help support the Coggins Conservation Project and be a voice for our community.

The Coggins Conservation Project: Preserving Asheville’s Farms and Rural Communities. If you’re in support of preserving openspace and farmland in this region, check out the conservation plan that was inspired by the historic Coggins Farm™.