Coggins Farm Sovereign Oaks Asheville

Update on the sale of Coggins Farm and Direction of the CCP

Greetings Friends & Supporters,

It’s been confirmed that the sale of the 169 acre Coggins Farm property has officially closed by developer, David Case of Case Enterprises on Monday, June 22nd. Case Enterprises received approval this February from the Buncombe County Planning Board to develop a private 99-lot subdivision on the property. Originally naming the subdivision, “Coggins Farm – Asheville Mountain Community”, the development has now been renamed “Sovereign Oaks – Asheville Mountain Community”.

Phase 1 of the Sovereign Oaks subdivision on Coggins Farm is now in process, which is development of about 40 private lots on 1/3 of the property. There are additional proposed phases of development that bring the total amount of private lots to 99.

It’s a disappointment that Coggins Farm is being developed in a way that isn’t in the spirit of the original development concept for the property. We had hoped to maintain the property primarily as a place for agriculture and as a public resource, but we would like to keep the communication lines open and explore the possibility of continuing those ideas. We are incredibly grateful for the support and for the hundreds of individuals and businesses that stepped up to share their voice in this matter and sign our Endorsement Letter, as well as submit personalized letters.

Through the Coggins Conservation Project website and our growing support system, we remain committed to being a resource and information center for farmland and open space in WNC that’s transitioning hands and in need of protection efforts. We are also excited to explore the concept of New Ruralism and how incorporating it into existing land sites can benefit our community and the surrounding Asheville area as it continues to grow in population.

The Coggins Conservation Project hopes to work with developers, land owners, and retiring farmers in identifying viable business plans, programming, and financial structures for available land and continue to promote New Ruralism in Western North Carolina. we find it to be very aligned with our project’s long-term goals. The written piece titled “A Call for New Ruralism” by Sibella Kraus offers more insight on the concept.

“New Ruralism is a framework for creating a bridge between Sustainable Agriculture and New Urbanism. Sustainable agriculture can help bring cities down to earth, to a deeper commitment to the ecology and economy of the surrounding countryside on which they depend. New Ruralism embraces the power of place-making that can help American agriculture move from an artificially narrow production focus to encompass broader resource preservation values.”

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support throughout the year as we explored and identified ways that Coggins Farm could continue to sustain and enrich the lives of our community and local food systems. As we continue to see landowners and farmers reaching retirement age and in need of transitioning ownership of their land, it’s imperative that we come together to identify and offer viable routes that continue to preserve the fertile agriculture production, natural habitats, heritage, and rural nature of this region.