Case Group Shifts Coggins Farm Subdivision Plans

This Monday morning, February 16th, Case Enterprises will seek approval by the Buncombe County Planning Board for their newly revised subdivision plans. For the developers, this represents a substantial shift from their original concept for Coggins Farm.

While the number of residential lots has been reduced to 99, these new plans seem to indicate that the developers have removed all aspects related to innovation, agriculture, aging-in-place, attainable pricing, or education. It also appears that there are no designated plans for conservation of land. Virtually the entire 169 acres will be subdivided into private lots.

Notice from the Buncombe County Planning Board:
This meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 16, 2015 at 9:30 am in the meeting room located at 30 Valley Street. Your attendance and comments are encouraged.

SUB2015-00030: John Kinnaird, P.E. of Brooks Engineering Associates is seeking approval for a revision to the approved preliminary plan of Old Coggins Farm Subdivision Phase 1, located at 88 Old Coggins Place (PIN 9679-15-1760).

Map of Case Enterprise’s Current Subdivision Plans
Click the link above to view the current subdivision plans that will be presented this Monday. Each lot is labeled from 1 to 99 and separated by a black dashed line. You can click on the map to zoom in.

Any questions or comments that you may have regarding this notice are always welcomed and can be sent to us here.

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