Legally Preserve Most of the Land

As our population rises and our cities spread out, how will we protect open space and natural habitat?  The Coggins Conservation Project believes in preserving open space in a way that benefits the greater community.  Many standard high-end subdivisions place restrictions on their lots, but we feel we can do better.  By concentrating development to one area of a large tract of land, we can keep the rest open in a way that benefits the plants, animals and neighbors more that splitting this area up into pieces.

The Coggins Conservation Project has worked with various organizations in our area that help to make land conservation a reality.  Our model combines state and private funding to create the legally protected swath of open space.  This area would be for innovative agriculture projects that benefit the greater Asheville community, walking trails open to those who live near the land, and could host small educational events and retreats, and neighborhood gatherings.

Principal Characteristics:

  • Preservation of Open Space and Rural Character


  • Preservation of native plants, wildlife, and natural habitats


  • Protection from future high-density or disruptive development in perpetuity



Take a tour of the stunning 169 acres of Coggins Farm, located 7 miles from downtown Asheville, NC.