Preserving Asheville’s Farms and Rural Communities


Coggins Farm™, a 169 acre tract of land 7 miles from downtown Asheville, is slated for residential and commercial development. This land has been in the same family for over 200 years. Kept largely undeveloped and bordering the forests of Warren Wilson College, it features a mix of pastures, long stretches of Bull Creek, fertile bottom lands, and mature woods that provide a home to a plethora of native medicinal plants and wildlife.

Over the past 25 years, the Coggins Farm™ has been an incubator for several of our area’s current crop of successful organic growers and has the potential to continue to influence the organic, sustainable food movement in Western North Carolina.

The first conservation initiative of the Coggins Conservation Project (CCP) is aimed at preserving a generous portion of Coggins Farm™ in an agricultural conservation easement. This initiative has been proposed as an effort to maintain a scenic natural viewshed, keep intact a valuable ecosystem, and connect the greater Asheville community with local farm production and education.

The CCP is also working to identify local tracts of land for conservation and collaboration in advancing sustainable agricultural opportunities. Through your support, the CCP will raise awareness about the natural, economic, and social benefits that the public receives from land preservation and develop viable conservation proposals that will further preserve Asheville’s Farms and Rural Communities.



The Coggins Conservation Project has worked diligently to create a conservation-based plan for Coggins Farm™.  Our plan provides a clear alternative to the current developer’s subdivision proposal. It incorporates the top priorities and concerns expressed by community members and stakeholders.  It also enables this large tract of historic land to sustainably support and enrich the lives of Asheville area residents and visitors.

The CCP plan is comprised of 3 elements: Conservation Easement, Innovative Agriculture Projects, and Small Footprint Living. Click here to view the Conservation Plan overview.

The CCP held a series of community meetings right on the gorgeous Coggins Farm™. We shared the overview of the conservation plan to potential project participants, investors, and interested community members and then opened it up for Q&A and a collective discussion.

We were met with great enthusiasm and interest in helping this Conservation Plan become a reality. We welcome your interest and encourage you to reach out with your questions and proposals for connecting to the project. Investors and strategic partners have the opportunity to be involved through the project’s conservation efforts, small-footprint development, and/or innovative agricultural programming.



  • Secure an ongoing and instrumental role for the Coggins Farm™ in driving the future of agriculture production and education in the Asheville area
  • Reduce the scale of development and its impact on the environment – including wildlife, plant life, water quality, and soil stability
  • Preserve the beauty of the Riceville Valley landscape
  • Preserve the rural, quiet, and peaceful character of the Riceville Valley
  • Protect and enhance ecological and natural resource uses within Coggins Farm™ and the surrounding rural areas
  • Provide the structure for improved land management
  • Identify and assist with the implementation of additional conservation opportunities in the Asheville area
  • Create a model for community collaboration in land use decisions that can be replicated in the future



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Total Funding Sought in Phase 1: $12,000



We welcome your questions and comments! Whether you are an individual or a group representative, please do not hesitate to contact us concerning the proposed conservation easement.