How you can get Involved

We believe that this community has the strength and creativity to come together to protect farmland and open space in our region, enriching the surrounding community and the local economy.

There are multiple ways you can get involved, show your support, and spread awareness about the preservation initiatives that were inspired by the historic Coggins Farm™, and long-term goal of preserving farmland and open-space in areas of WNC that are experiencing the pressures of development.

To the right, you will find various ways to plug into the project.

  • Connect on Facebook

    Connect with the Coggins Conservation Project on Facebook to help spread awareness about the preservation initiative. Invite your friends to support our Facebook Page.

  • Speak Up

    Sign the Letter of Endorsement to let the media, area realtors, and the development company know that you support the Coggins Conservation Project’s plan for Coggins Farm™ and the future of our mountains.

  • Spread the Word

    Do you know of farmland or open space in this region that’s at risk of being developed? We are committed to being a resource and information center for farmland and open space in WNC that’s transitioning hands and in need of protection efforts. Contact us so we can help spread the word.

  • Join the Newsletter

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