recycling plant

Controversy over Proposed Recycling Plant near Enka

What are your thoughts on the proposed state-of-the-art regional Recycling Plant on 53 acre tract of land on Pond Road near Enka? The site of the proposed facility is within the Employment District zoning, which allows for offices, industry, storage, warehousing and wholesale trade, but neighbors are distraught about the potential increase traffic, obstruction of […]

New Ruralism Coggins Conservation Project

NEW RURALISM…have you heard of it?

The concept of New Ruralism is very aligned with the Coggins Conservation Project’s long-term goals in the southeast region and Appalachia. Read “A Call for New Ruralism” by Sibella Kraus in the link below to learn more. Sibella Kraus is the Project Director, Institute of Urban & Regional Development New Ruralism Initiative, and the President of […]